Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend




I am an Avid Certified Professional video editor, specializing in offline editing using Avid Media Composer 6/6.5.

All my life, I've loved telling stories. Before I even knew how to write, I told stories through drawings. Film became the perfect place for me to combine my love for writing and art.

For the past three years, I've edited short form documentary-style news stories for the NJ-based nonprofit New Jersey Arts News (www.njartsnews.org), over two dozen of which have been featured on NJTV, radio stations, and news websites.

Dartmouth College gave me a strong foundation in filmmaking. Upon entering college, I had planned on majoring in the sciences but then, on a whim, took my first ever film course and the rest is history! For the next four years, I took every film course I could fit into my schedule, attended Film Society meetings, and became a co-founder of the Dartmouth Organization of Filmmakers. My senior year, I was a recipient of the Maurice H. Rapf Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film and Media Studies and graduated with a B.A./High Honors in Film and Media Studies.

Over the years, I've had experience as a writer, director, editor, archival researcher, location scout, boom mic operator, DP, 1st AC, Assistant/Co-Producer, script supervisor, 1st AD, and actress. 

When I'm not editing, I write screenplays.

If I had to describe my work, it would be: "Humor, heart, and a fist-throwing good time."