Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend



Like Father, Like Son (2009)
Like Father, Like Son is a drama/comedy about a teenager who after being deferred from the college of his choice searches for meaning in his life and struggles to connect with his immature father during a heat wave at the Jersey shore.

Synopsis: Sam Preston, a straight-A student, has just learned that he's been deferred from the college of his choice. When given the opportunity to turn in an additional essay to boost his application, the assigned topic sends him into a panic: "Tell us something unique about yourself that hasn't already been addressed in your application." Two-hundred-fifty words: the bane of his existence. As Sam struggles with questions of self-worth, he finds no help from his immature, former-megastar father, John, who instead suggests that the best way to forget your troubles is to unwind at the Jersey shore. Over the course of the following week, Sam learns that he is not the only one who is questioning the meaning of life and that no matter who you are, "You're never too old to grow up."

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White River Indie Films Festival, White River Junction, NH
~ Excerpts ~
Sam ... Sam Chapin
John ... Jamie Horton