Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend



Trailer - "Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend" (2009)

Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend (2009)
Synopsis: Sam Preston, a college senior, has just learned that his megastar father, John, is coming to visit him at school. With graduation quickly approaching, Sam already has enough to worry about - finding a job, making the grade, and trying to navigate the wonderful world of relationships after finding himself tangled in a love/hate tug-of-war with beautiful but unpredictable Heather. While Sam is less than thrilled with the idea of added chaos, his star-struck best friends Tom and Nikhil roll out the welcome mat, planning a series of wild frat parties around campus in John's honor. Though John claims that his only reason for visiting is to spend a little "quality time" with his son before he graduates, his real motivation lies elsewhere: he has just learned that his repeatedly prison-bound brother, Louis, has planned a little surprise visit for Sam himself. As if things weren't complicated enough, Valerie, Sam's friend from back home, has also dropped in with the hopes of finally declaring her love for him. With excellent performances by a great cast, Like Father, Like Son, Like Brother, Like Friend will make you relive your college days.

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